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About Dr. Egbert

Do you often wonder if you'll ever find a professional who really understands what you're going through as a parent? or as a student? or as a professional? Dr. Egbert is that rare individual whose background includes the professional along with the every day practical thereby making her an ideal advocate, presenter or consultant.  Dr. Egbert's professional and personal experiences have enabled her to  glean a broad understanding of the challenges faced by students, teachers and parents in the educational process of children and young people who are Deaf/ Hard of Hearing and multicultural. As a mother she has faced the challenges of raising a child with special needs and maneuvering the IEP process. As a student and professional she has faced the challenges of using interpreters in a variety of settings. And as an educator she has seen first hand the challenges teachers face. It is through these experiences that she is able to bring a unique perspective to the field of education and create a bridge between the personal experiences of people with whom she works and the educational system in which they find themselves.


Type of business: Educational and Interpreting Consulting, Parent Advocate, Certified Interpreter for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing: Reverse Interpreter

Dr. Lisalee D. Egbert

Dr. Lisalee D. Egbert

M.A. in Deaf Education, Ph.D in Reading


Dr. Lisalee D. Egbert's Ph.D. work in reading focused on early literacy, bilingual - bicultural education and special education in the area of Deaf / Hard of Hearing. She is also a Certified California Interpreter for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing: Reverse Interpreter.


She has been affiliated with California State University, Sacramento, CA, in the Deaf Studies Program since 2007 as either a part-time instructor or a tenure track professor. Currently she serves on the board for the American Society for Deaf Children (ASDC) as the vice-president, is the ASDC representative for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Alliance (DHHA)  and a visiting professor at McDaniel College in Maryland. She was appointed by the Executive Maryland Senate Committee to serve on the Governor’s Advisory Board for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (ODHH). Her professional areas of interests are Educational Interpreting, Deaf Education, and Deaf Interpreters.


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Dr. Egbert's enthusiasm, passion, creativity, and wealth of practical knowledge make her a solid choice for your next Deaf Education, Deaf Studies, or Interpreter Training event. Whenever I'm at a conference and see her on the schedule -- that's the workshop I make sure to attend.  What can I say? I like to be entertained and educated at the same time.

- William G. Vicars, EdD. (aka: "Dr. Bill" of

Coordinator, Deaf Studies Program, Sacramento State

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