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Resources for Parents

These first two speak to the joy of having a child who is Deaf. The third is an organization established by parents for parents.  And the fourth is a parent organization that is affiliated with California State University, Northridge, CA. Each offers additional resources.

Resources for Learning American Sign Language (ASL)

Dr. Vicars offers an entire online course for free! You can also opt for college units for a fee. Here's a sample video from his home page.

Here's the link for his website:

Resources for Professionals

Hands and Wrists: Learning American Sign Language. This is a resource article that focuses on describing ASL,  and offers a wide variety of resources for learning ASL.

This publication is produced by Gallaudet University. Each publication features a particular theme and relates it to deaf education. This publication is also recommended for both professionals and parents.

Books you might enjoy:


The Silent Garden by Dr. Paul Ogden


Only in the Mainstream and Turning the Tide: Making Life Better for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Schoolchildren

 by Dr. Gina Oliva 


Deaf Like Me by Drs. Thomas Spradely and James Spradley

Resources for Interpreters

The above image is from the Facebook page for the Interpreters Guild. To check out the group use this link:


The three resources above offer articles, workshops, information and products of interest to professional interpreters. Some of these may also be of interest to ASL /Deaf Studies students and parents.

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